Our Restoration Work

Ferrari 250 LM
1952 Osca MT4

401 Bristol


This 1955 Mercedes Benz 300 SL Gullwing was entrusted Vintage Autocraft to use proper repair and preservation techniques.

The car was delivered directly to the 2014 RM Sotherby’s Pebble Beach auction where it sold for a world record 2.5 million for a steel bodied Gullwing.


One of the true Daytona Spyders, this mechanically sound example hab body and paint issues that necessitated a bare metal respray. After carefull removal of all parts and addressing needed issues this car was repainted and assembled without causing any harm to the already pristine condition of the rest of the car.

Triumph TR5

The TR5 was built for a 13-month period between August 1967 and September 1968 in Coventry, England.

Porsche 959
1955 MB 300SL Gullwing

This 1955 Alfa Romeo 1900 C SS Zagato is one of approximately 26 still in existence (of the original 39 built) was purchased by its current owner in 1969. Vintage Autocraft was commissioned to complete all body and paint procedures including under chasses repairs, address needed repairs to the aluminium skin as well as repairing and fitting all aluminium parts such as trim, door handles, window frames, and other parts. The car serial #2016 was complete in January of 2016.


1973 Porsche Carrera RS 1st series M471 Lightweight was road registered in Germany and raced in the DARP in the true spirit of the Porsche RS 2.7 with over 31 documented start finish record from 1973 to 1975. the car also spent track time in Switzerland before coming to the US. Vintage Autocraft under took a nut and bolt restoration with an emphasis of retaining as many original components as possible.

More Restoration Stories

1964 356 SC Cabriolet: The rusted out areas on this 1964 Porsche 356 SC Cabriolet were extensive. We put the Porsche back together with a combination of new (remanufactured) and hand formed panels. When finished every part seen and unseen including bolt heads and other minute parts and details will be correct to top Concourse standards. This beautiful example of one of the last Porsche 356 models will show very well at venues such as Amelia Island.

1967 Firebird 400, 4-Speed Convertible: This is a good example of one of our shop’s very thorough cosmetic restorations. The running gear and suspension being in great shape were left intact and received a full detailing. All other components inside and out have been completely rebuilt or replaced with new. When seeing the finished car for the first time, the owner exclaimed, “I feel like I’m standing on the show room floor in 1967, except, this looks better than new.” Even though this immaculate muscle car would demand respect at any show, the customer would rather enjoy driving it on New York’s back roads and highways.

1950 Studebaker Convertible: Before removing the body of this one family owned 1950 Studebaker Commander Convertible, (which was parked out back a little too long!), it was jigged solid so that panels could be fit correctly while the body was off the frame. Besides being more efficient, this was especially important because the body support channels and several mounting points were completely rusted away.

Initial metal fabrication was done before media blasting and phosphate coating, which saves time in not having to repeat steps from bare metal being exposed while work is being done. Because early Studebaker repair panels are hard to come by, virtually all rust and previous damage repairs required new in house formed metal. Not a problem for our well equipped and skilled shop. The final result is a full nut and bolt restoration with all components rebuilt or replaced to original specifications. This resurrected family heirloom will give many years of enjoyment and no doubt be passed down to the next generation.

1934 Buick 4-Door: This 1934 Buick Model 61 literally came to us in boxes. The car owner’s comment was, “This car has been in two shops that couldn’t get it done correctly. If you can’t put this project together right, I’ll put it in the garage and let my kids have it when I die.” We did get this elegant resto-rod together “right” enough for the owner to garner a few trophies including:

  • 1st in Class Grand National Roadster Show
  • Personal invite to Blackie Gejeian’s (Best of the Best) Fresno Autorama
  • Best Buick at the NSRA Nationals
  • 1st place modified class and gold Award at the Buick Club of America National Meet
  • A couple of Best of Shows at smaller venues.

1940 BMW 327 Cabriolet: The car had been disassembled for over 40 years and the current owner is ready to get it back into driving condition. Body sections must be removed by cutting along factory welds and drilling out spot welds in order to replace rotted wood. New wood structures are made of ash using patterns made from what was left of the old wood. Once the new wood is in place, the body sections will be replaced in the same manner as was done at the factory. This elegant sports touring car is back on the road where it belongs.