High End Italian Sports Car Restoration

Italy has a long and proud tradition of producing high-end sports cars. If you have the fortune of owning one, don’t you want it to be every bit as impressive as it was the first day it hit the road?

Here at Vintage Autocraft, we breathe new life into your cherished Italian sports car, ensuring that the legacy of your vintage gem continues to shine through the ages. We pride ourselves on our mastery of high-end Italian sports car restorations, a craft we’ve cultivated with passion and precision.

Experience that Can’t Be Beat

When it comes to restoring classic brands such as Lancia, Alfa Romeo, Ferrari, OSCA, Maserati, Lamborghini, and more, our expertise is second to none. Everything we do is managed under the watchful eye of owner Tim Marinos, whose four-decade-long journey in the world of vintage sports cars is a testament to his commitment and skill. It’s this level of commitment that’s garnered the respect and recognition of collectors and aficionados along the way.

Our team, composed of dedicated professionals, has the unique experience of working on vehicles from various eras, ensuring that the essence of your car remains intact. At Vintage Autocraft, your car is not just another project; it’s an artifact that holds historical significance, a piece of art that we seek to rejuvenate while preserving its tremendous value.

Let Us Restore Your Italian Sports Car to Its Original Beauty

We understand the pride that an Italian vintage sports car can bring to its owner. With our award-winning painting services – a specialty we’re particularly recognized for – alongside our outstanding upholstery, metal work, and mechanical services, we ensure that your car is restored to its original splendor. In situations where your prized possession has suffered damage, we employ our skills to bring back its former grandeur without diminishing its value.

Whether you’re seeking minor preservation work or a complete overhaul, Vintage Autocraft promises to serve your vehicle with utmost dedication, ensuring it stands the test of time, turning heads and evoking memories of yesteryear. To some, your vintage Italian sports car is just a vehicle, but to you it’s so much more than that.

Entrust it with the best in the business – Vintage Autocraft.