High-End British Sports Car Restorations

Owning a vintage British sports car isn’t like having just any other possession. At Vintage Autocraft, we understand the immense value and legacy these vehicles hold. We have dedicated ourselves to the craft of restoring these beautiful machines to their former glory and ensuring they retain their inherent value.

Decades of High-End Restoration Experience

We’ve had the privilege of witnessing firsthand the restoration of countless vehicles, a journey made possible by the expertise and dedication of his team of professionals. Vintage Autocraft has become a beacon for car enthusiasts due to the leadership of Tim Marinos, a connoisseur of car restorations with

more than four decades of experience in the business. He’s restored countless vintage British sports cars over the years and has operated his current business in Pennsylvania since 2018.

Known for our intricate work on classic brands like Jaguar, Bristol, Aston Martin, and MGA, among others, we’ve honed our skills to perfection. While we are especially renowned for our award-winning paint work, we provide comprehensive restoration services, including upholstery and mechanical overhauls. Each vehicle is treated with an unmatched level of care and attention, ensuring that the heart and soul of every vintage beauty remains intact.

Let Us Restore Your British Sports Car to Its Original Beauty

Your British vintage sports car is more than just a vehicle—it’s an artifact, a testament to a golden era of automobile design and craftsmanship. Whether your prized possession needs minor preservation or a full-blown restoration, our dedicated team is here to handle the unique needs of your vehicle.

And for those who might be worried about the potential devaluation from repairs after accidents or severe damages, fear not. Our approach to restoration is meticulous. We ensure every modification preserves the car’s original charm and maintains its value. With Vintage Autocraft, you can trust that the integrity and value of your classic car are in good hands.

Let us restore your vintage British sports car to its original splendor!